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Bozeman Tea Party
P.O. Box 1556
Bozeman, MT 59771

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  • Jon Greenspon


    I will be out at the Courthouse and in Belgrade. I am intersted in hearing your concerns, issues and viewpoints.

    Jon Greenspon
    Candidate for President, 2012
    Greenspon 2012 Presidential Committee


  • Robyn Roberts


    Are the citizens of Bozeman aware of the Bozeman Climate Action Plan 2011? It is an onerous document that is a product of ICLEI (Bozeman is a member.) and the far left who are trying their best to destroy our way of life. See the document here:…/75dd124d-47e8-4b4b-973c-91c5d939d853.pdf If this doesn’t lead to understanding what is happening to Bozeman, nothing will. For more information see our website at:


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